How can I pay for Dad's Care?

The cost of senior care doesn't need to overwhelm your family. Today's reverse mortgages have protections for seniors and heirs.


Pay For Care Now

The average family will spend $350,000 to care for their loved one with dementia. Other medical conditions can cost more. Can you make this work? Let's explore your options.

Paying for care (later)

We all hope we can live independently, without help, for the rest of our lives. But the fact is, 1 in 5 of us will need "long term care" when we're older. Can you protect your family? Let's find out.

Qualify for Medicaid

The System is Your Friend (Work it!)

Some elders live in homes and have lots of assets, yet still receive quality, long-term care from Medicaid, the health plan for "poor people." Do you want to plan for future care, but don't need it today (or yesterday)? If time is on your side, you'll want these strategies.

House Rich, but Don't Want to Sell?

Take 3 Steps Today to Secure Your Independence

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  • Gather more information

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Why I Started "Age-in-Place Finance"

After a career in finance, I started working with home care agencies, geriatric medical groups and day centers for older adults with disability, dementia or chronic illness.

Finance + aging go together. If you're in the sandwich generation, like me, it's a double whammy. Kids are in college, dad needed round-the-clock nursing aides, and mom recovering from stroke. That's a lot of 3- 4- and 5- figure checks out of my checkbook.

At Age-in-Place Finance, I harness my professional network and information resources for you.  Try our solutions finder quiz and we'll match you with trusted, ethical advisors for a complimentary talk-it-through consultation.

Best wishes, Lisa LaMagna