How Can I Do This Without Children?

Solo Agers, today's reverse mortgages help you afford care and support, in your home and community of choice. 


You keep the home and the title, and gain financial flexibility.

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Pay for help at home

Home care aides can make life a lot more pleasant - they are caring companions who can help us get groceries, cook meals, take care of housekeeping. Aides are also trained to help us manage medications, keep our home safe, and look out for any red flags in our health. But this is not paid for by long-term care insurance, nor Medicare Advantage programs -- those only pay for nurse visits.


You can convert equity in your home into monthly payments for home health care. 

Move to a Place You Love

Want to stay move back to the city? Or to a small, tight-night town?


Either way, don't think it's more than you can afford. There is a federally guaranteed loan that will help you afford more house than you thought.

Make Home Aging-Friendly

If you love your home and don't want to ever move into a senior living facility -- you may need to make some changes.

A stair lift, a walk-in shower, a roll-up ramp to the front door, grab bars and lower counters can make living in your home safe.

Learn how to pay for these by converting equity in your home into a safer home for you.

House Rich, but Don't Want to Sell?

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Why I Started "Age-in-Place Finance"

After a career in finance, I started working with home care agencies, geriatric medical groups and day centers for older adults with disability, dementia or chronic illness.

Finance + aging go together. If you're in the sandwich generation, like me, it's a double whammy. Kids are in college, dad needed round-the-clock nursing aides, and mom recovering from stroke. That's a lot of 3- 4- and 5- figure checks out of my checkbook.

At Age-in-Place Finance, I harness my professional network and information resources for you.  Try our solutions finder quiz and we'll match you with trusted, ethical advisors for a complimentary talk-it-through consultation.

Best wishes, Lisa LaMagna